welcome to our space!!!  

a little about us:  i'm gerald and the eye candy of the website is my wife krishaun.  we have been married for just one year and dated for almost nine years before entering holy matrimony.  krishaun and i met as children, parted ways and journeyed into college and the rest of life before reconnecting during our young adult years.  we have an immense love for one another, traveling, family, food, and "happy life" which we achieve through self care.  we hope to bring joy to all our readers and viewers.

something about the platform: this blog was developed from the love we share of many other corners of the internet that showcase all that makes the world good.  what we saw though was a lack of these spaces that showcased the love and life of men and women of color, hence the site "being poco"- being people of color. we hope to showcase our life and love to those of any shade and continue to add to the positive legacy and image of those of color. in short, "we're doing it for the culture."

disclaimers: 1. this is a site for goodness, we rebuke all negative comments and opinions of ill-nature, in short we're human beings and like auntie badu- "we're sensitive about our ____!" we ask that you bring only positivity when you venture here, we believe that doing so will make the world more awesome. 2. what you read here isn't the "right way", guidelines or rules for living "your" life, we simply want to bring happiness your way sharing ways in which we live out our time here. we know that each of you are amazing and god makes no mistakes, take what we do and say as inspiration to do more that makes "you" happy. 3. life is short, make it amazing with family, through travel, and a little bit of self-care.


All photos on this site were taken by "beingpoco" founders (US), and our dear friends Ashleigh Bing and Rudney Novaes, please venture to their sites for dopeness!!!